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Wool Fat Guest Soap

Wool Fat Guest SoapWool Fat Guest Soap

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Wool Fat Guest SoapWool Fat Guest Soap
Wool Fat Guest SoapWool Fat Guest Soap
Price: £1.00 Product code: HW0363

Individual Wool Fat Guest Soap, hand-wrapped, weighing 25g.

It is said that sheep-shearers have exceptionally soft hands, due to the lanolin in the fleeces they handle. Whether or not this is true – and whether those tough people would like it to be known if it were – there is no doubt that lanolin is renowned for its emollient properties. So it is good news that a fine soap containing pure lanolin is now available.

Exclusive to Mitchell’s for nearly 60 years from a recipe formulated almost a century ago, it is called simply “Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soap”. Delicately perfumed Wool Fat Soap has no strong synthetic scents, or colouring agents, to detract from its purity. Being so rich in lanolin, its gentle action is very soothing & regular use leaves the skin satin smooth.

A Traditional Formula Exclusive to Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soap Ltd, Bradford, England.

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