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A Day in the Life Umbrella

A Day in the Life UmbrellaA Day in the Life Umbrella

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A beautiful umbrella featuring Patrick Hearne's epic painting Cutty Sark – A Day in the Life.

The panoramic painting Cutty Sark – A Day in the Life conveys the ever-changing weather in a single day of a typical journey of the Cutty Sark. Beginning with a beaming moonscape and a myriad of stars, the golden morning is broken with a furious storm. Coming through the storm, a calm, glowing sunset closes the day where the ship can be seen breaching the waves, a step closer to its destination.

The painting was presented by South London artist Patrick Hearne to commemorate the ship’s 144th birthday. Measuring 35ft, the piece has been installed in the Sammy Ofer Gallery, under the hull of the Cutty Sark.

Created exclusively for Royal Museums Greenwich.

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