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Pirate Gran and the Monsters (Paperback)

Pirate Gran and the Monsters (Paperback)Pirate Gran and the Monsters (Paperback)

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Price: £5.99 Product code: 9781906367558

FOLLOWING on from the hugely popular Pirate Gran and Pirate Gran goes for Gold, our favourite sea-faring pensioner returns in Pirate Gran and the Monsters, a new adventure in which she saves her old friends Flint-hearted Jack, Fingers O’Malley, Cut-throat Malone and her pet crocodile.

Originally the winning entry to a BBC competition to promote reading and writing, Pirate Gran, by author Geraldine Durrant has developed into an exciting series of books to captivate the imaginations of children – and the grown-ups who read to them.

Gran’s third adventure is a delightful accompaniment to the previous tales but works just as well on its own.It is once again beautifully illustrated by Rose Forshall whose detailed and witty images complement the quirky and humorous narrative.

In it Pirate Gran tackles her shipmates’ worst fears with courage, her cutlass – and a pinch of logic. And when she’s put paid to the monsters even her silly pirates agree it’s safe to put out the lights.

As long as they are tucked in with their teddies…


  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • ISBN: 9781906367558

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