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The Untold History of the Potato

The Untold History of the PotatoThe Untold History of the Potato

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“A fascinating and finely detailed biography of the humble potato and its place in our social and cultural history, this book tells you everything you ever wanted to know about potatoes and more. At times moving, and with unexpectedly entertaining anecdotes, John Reader’s style is engaging and readable and ensures you will never look at a potato in the same way again.”

Alexandra Hulme, Buying & Merchandising Manager
Royal Museums Greenwich

From the gold potatoes at the Sun Temple in Cuzco, Peru, the muddy ones in Ireland and those grown in China for McDonald's chips, via Mrs Beeton, Charles Darwin, Lenin and Chairman Mao, to the mapping of the potato genome, the story of the spud is both satisfying and fascinating.

John Reader follows the thread of the potato's story through the tapestry of human history, from its origins and evolution to its mysterious arrival in Europe, where it became a crucial part of gastronomic and social fabric. As global population swells and environmental sustainability becomes ever more crucial, Reader asks what role the potato still has to play - in this lively, readable study of our most humble foodstuff.

Paperback, 336pp