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Reed’s Sextant Simplified (7th Edition)

Reed’s Sextant Simplified (7th Edition)Reed’s Sextant Simplified (7th Edition)

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Price: £14.99 Product code: 9780713667059

by Dag Pike

Learn how to use a sextant - a skill no navigator should be without.

Despite the accuracy and ease of use of electronic navigation systems, every navigator should be able to use a sextant. It could even save your life in the event of electronics failure.

This book describes how a sextant works, provides practical tips and advice on using it, explains how to read as well as take sights, how to make adjustments and correct errors, and finally on how to handle and care for the instrument.

Originally written by the late Captain O M Watts, this new edition has been entirely re-written by Dag Pike, a seaman and navigator of 'Virgin Atlantic Challenger' on its successful record attempt.

  • Paperback
  • 104 pages
  • ISBN: 9780713667059