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Britain Against Napoleon The Organization of Victory 1793 1815

Britain Against Napoleon The Organization of Victory 1793 1815Britain Against Napoleon The Organization of Victory 1793 1815

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“In this magisterial book, Roger Knight offers an entirely original take on Britain’s wars against Revolutionary and Napoleonic France. Moving away from the usual focus on battlefield heroics, Knight considers the unstinting work done behind the scenes by an assortment of politicians and civil servants who made a vital contribution to the ultimate British victory. Accessible and always fascinating, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in these famous conflicts.”

Dr James Davey, Curator of Naval History
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For more than twenty years after 1793, the French army was supreme in continental Europe. How was it that despite multiple changes of government and the assassination of a Prime Minister, Britain survived and eventually won a generation-long war against a regime which at its peak in 1807 commanded many times the resources and manpower?

This book looks beyond the familiar exploits (and bravery) of the army and navy during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. It shows the degree to which, because of the magnitude and intensity of hostilities, the capacities of the whole British population were involved: industrialists, farmers, shipbuilders, gunsmiths and gunpowder manufacturers. The intelligence war was also central; but no participants were more important, Knight argues, than the bankers and international traders of the City of London, without whom the armies of Britain's allies could not have taken the field.

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