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Jack Tar

Jack TarJack Tar

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By Roy and Lesley Adkins

Jack Tar
explores the extraordinary lives of ordinary seamen in Nelson's Navy.

When Lord Nelson was born 250 years ago, the navy for which he sacrificed his life depended on one thing above all else - the thousands of sailors and marines who manned the great wind-powered wooden warships. These ordinary men were drawn - often unwillingly - from all over Britain and beyond, and they made the Royal Navy invincible through skill, courage and sheer determination.

Jack Tar gives these forgotten men a voice in an enthralling picture of what their life was really like during this age of sail. Letters, diaries and other manuscripts reveal how they lived, worked, fought and died on board the warships. Their emotions and experiences are explored, from the dread of press-gangs and shipwreck, to the exhilaration of battles, grog, prize-money and prostitutes.

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  • 429 pages
  • ISBN: 9780349120348