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The Gin Lane Gazette

The Gin Lane GazetteThe Gin Lane Gazette

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Many of us think of the ill-behaved celebrity and the tabloid splash as modern inventions, but the antics of footballers and soap stars are as nothing when set alongside the hell-raising of the 18th century celebs.

The Gin Lane Gazette is stuffed with true stories of boozy MPs who settled their political differences with duels in Hyde Park; peers of the realm who sat the unburied corpses of their cherished mistresses at their dinner tables; entertainers who rode horses standing upright in the saddle, while wearing a mask of bees; and famous courtesans who ate 1,000-guinea banknotes stuffed into sandwiches, simply to make a point. Before it was dashed from their lips by the Victorian party-poopers, our Georgian forebears drank deep from the cup of life.

Paperback. 128 pages.

173 mm x 230 mm x 10 mm.

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