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15-minute `sermon timer`

15-minute `sermon timer`15-minute `sermon timer`

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Price: £40.00 Product code: IN0021

This sermon timer, made by recycling a large wooden bobbin, would make an attractive and useful addition to any home.

For 30 years the Marsden Family have collected old industrial artefacts such as bobbins, print, lasts and records from all over the world to mature in barns & hen houses in the North of England. At White Farm Lane, Thelwall, near Manchester, they cut, clean, drill, wax and polish the re-usable parts of these artefacts turning them into collectable gifts and working toys.

Their aim is to maintain the characteristics of the artefacts, consistent with offering authentic, affordable, attractive gifts, which you would be proud to give and delighted to receive. All artefacts are genuine and unique; it follows that the gifts are always slightly different from each other. Recycling is a dynamic activity and they continue to amass and develop different artefacts.

  • Recycled product
  • Made in the UK

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