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Fatal Passage

Fatal PassageFatal Passage

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Fatal PassageFatal Passage
Fatal PassageFatal Passage
Price: £9.99 Product code: 9780553814934

By Ken McGoogan

The true story of the remarkable John Rae - Arctic traveller and Hudson's Bay Company doctor - Fatal Passage is a tale of imperial ambition and high adventure.

Rae solved the two great Arctic mysteries: the fate of the doomed Franklin expedition and the location of the last navigable link in the Northwest Passage. But Rae was to be denied the recognition he so richly deserved. On returning to London, he faced a campaign of denial and vilification led by two of the most powerful people in Victorian England: Lady Jane Franklin, the widow of the lost Sir John, and Charles Dickens, the most influential writer of the age.

A remarkable story of courage and determination, Fatal Passage is Ken McGoogan's passionate redemption of Rae's rightful place in history. In this richly documented and illustrated work, McGoogan captures the essence of one man's indomitable spirit.

Winner of the Drainie-Taylor Biography Prize

330 pages
ISBN: 9780553814934

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