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The Universe Within

The Universe Within The Universe Within

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Price: £9.99 Product code: 9780141041902

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“Neil Shubin eloquently and accessibly explains how it can be that the story of the universe, the solar system, the earth can be found inside our bodies. A perfect combination of scientific fields that doesn’t happen often enough, to comprehensively explain the origins of life in the universe. Shubin makes a complex story magical, and should entice any readers with a passion for discovery from the roots of the Earth to beyond the stratosphere.”

Kate Longman, Book Buyer
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The Universe Within is a thrilling journey from today all the way back to the Big Bang, which shows the deep connections between the human body and the universe, from Neil Shubin, author of Your Inner Fish

What links the birth of the moon to our body clocks? How did the creation of the Atlantic Ocean affect how we have children? What does the water inside us and on Earth have to do with the deepest stretches of space? Humanity's status in the cosmos can seem insignificant. Yet, as Neil Shubin shows, the one place where the universe, solar system and planet merge is inside your body. Exploring the smallest atomic structures and vastest reaches of space, Shubin uncovers a sublime truth: that in every one of us lies the most profound story of all - how we and our world came to be.

Paperback, 240pp