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The Labyrinth of Time: Introducing the Universe

The Labyrinth of Time: Introducing the UniverseThe Labyrinth of Time: Introducing the Universe

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Price: £11.99 Product code: 9780199217267

By Michael Lockwood

Modern physics has revealed the universe as a much stranger place than we could have imagined. The puzzle at the centre of our knowledge of the universe is time.

In this fascinating journey into the nature of things, Michael Lockwood investigates our deepest questions about past, present, and future, and our experience of time. He guides us step by step through relativity theory and quantum physics, introducing and explaining the ground-breaking ideas of Newton and Boltzmann, Einstein and Schrodinger, Penrose and Hawking. He zooms in on the behaviour of molecules and atoms, and pulls back to survey the expansion of the universe. We learn about entropy and gravity, the possibility of time travel, black holes and wormholes, about how it all began and where we are all headed.

Things will never seem the same again after a voyage through The Labyrinth of Time.

  • Paperback
  • 405 pages.
  • ISBN: 9780199217267