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The Brick MoonThe Brick Moon

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"This classic science fiction story from 1869 is the original steampunk novel! A group of Victorian entrepreneurs attempts to solve the longitude problem by launching an artificial satellite above the Greenwich Meridian - with unintended consequences. Best-selling science fiction writer Adam Roberts provides a darkly funny sequel set in present-day London and the book is introduced by the Royal Observatory’s Public Astronomer and the Senior Curator of Science and Technology.

Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer

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The Brick Moon (1869) is a rediscovered classic of Victorian SF - the first tale to imagine the launch of an artificial satellite. As such, it is the perfect fictional pairing with Stars to Satellites and Longitude Punk'd, new exhibitions at the Royal Observatory.

This new edition has been carefully collected from the novel's first serialised publication in The Atlantic Monthly. Plus, it includes a new sequel - "Another Brick in the Moon" - from award-winner (and Jurassic favourite) Adam Roberts. The Brick Moon comes complete with a new, critical introduction from Marek Kukula (Public Astronomer, Royal Observatory Greenwich) and Richard Dunn (Head of Science and Technology at Royal Museums Greenwich)

ISBN: 97809928172-5-1