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Ascent of Angels Magnet

Ascent of Angels MagnetAscent of Angels Magnet

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Price: £3.50 £1.00 Product code: SS0223

Created exclusively for the Royal Museums Greenwich, this magnet features Brad Goldpaint’s ‘Ascent of Angels’.

“I had my first, up-close encounter with a black bear while hiking to this location and was a bit revealed when I arrived. As soon as the sun had set, hikers with bright headlamps began their ascent towards the peak of Mount Rainier in hopes of reaching the summit before sunrise. The white lights you see along the mountain are from the hiker's headlamps. As the Milky Way drifted behind the mountain, a giant Alpha Capricornid's meteor exploded from the sky and created a persistent train.”

© Brad Goldpaint.
Taken at Mount Rainier, WA, USA.
Shortlisted in the Skyscapes Category, Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2015.

This magnet is made from acrylic for extra depth and colour.

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