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Orion Mega Mosaic Keyring

Orion Mega Mosaic KeyringOrion Mega Mosaic Keyring

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Price: £5.00 £1.50 Product code: SS0227

Created exclusively for the Royal Museums Greenwich, this keyring features Tom O'Donoghue’s ‘Orion Mega Mosaic in HaLRGB. 34 Panes over 400 hours’.

“I started taking this photo from Spain in 2011, and after shooting the main central part of the Orion Nebula, I wanted to try and capture the 4 Corner Stars and go deep in search of all the dust in-between those markers. In 2014 I teamed up with Olly Penrice to help me finish this project in RGB and Ha. In total we ended up with 34 panes of HaLRGB totalling over 400 hours/ 1.4 Million seconds of exposures.”

© Tom O’Donoghue.
Taken in Almanzorra Valley Spain and Hautes Provence France.
Joint Runner-Up, Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2015.

This keyring is made from acrylic for extra depth and colour, and is magnetic too.

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