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S.S. Specke Magnet

S.S. Specke MagnetS.S. Specke Magnet

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Price: £3.50 £1.00 Product code: SS0222

Created exclusively for the Royal Museums Greenwich, this magnet features Lincoln Harrison’s ‘S.S. Specke’ in mesmerising close-up.

“I miscalculated the tide for this shoot, after a few hours the water level was 2/3 of the way up my tripod. I had to stand next to the camera for hours waiting for a bigger than average wave. Not the most enjoyable shoot I've done.”

© Lincoln Harrison.
Taken on Phillip Island, Victoria.
Shortlisted in the Skyscapes Category, Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2015.

This magnet is made from acrylic for extra depth and colour.

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