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Wall Hanging of the Sun A3 Print

Wall Hanging of the Sun A3 PrintWall Hanging of the Sun A3 Print

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A coloured cotton wall hanging, showing the sun, with sunspots, and along the bottom the known planets (to Neptune, discovered in 1846), each indicated by the letter with which its name begins.
This is one of nine wall hangings now in the NMM, all on astronomical themes, which were produced by the Working Men's Educational Union. They were printed lithographically on cotton, probably to avoid paper duty. The hangings would have been used in lectures, held at various locations, to illustrate the latest advances in knowledge. The Working Men's Educational Union was a philanthropic society that aimed to provide education to the working classes.

A wall hanging of the Sun, 3 feet in diameter and comparative size of planets
Working Men's Educational Union, c.1850-60
© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

A3 sized print with white border on silk gloss paper.