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Eye of Time Set

Eye of Time Set Eye of Time Set

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Price: £70.00 Product code: HW0043

Continuing this legacy of producing accurate travelling timepieces, the Eye of Time was a watch designed for the discerning traveller which was both portable and easy to read. By incorporating a glass domed lens to aid in the magnification of the watch face, creative Victorians doubled this feature to enhance map reading and to light safari cooking fires!

Harrison’s ingenious solution to the Longitude problem was a timepiece that could accurately tell the time during long voyages at sea, thereby denoting the ship’s actual position on the globe.

The clock is bronze with a magnifying glass dome and a compass rose card which can be replaced with a more personal picture.

The clock is 5 x 8 cm
The stand is made from rosewood and bronze and is 17.5 cm high

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