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Clocks & Watches Buying Guide

The Royal Observatory Greenwich houses a collection of clocks and timepieces that have literally changed the world. With these in mind, our Buyers have worked with expert makers to create beautiful clocks for the home, or stylish watches for you to wear.

Our clocks and watches buying guide will help you decide which will help you keep all of your appointments this year. 

Wall clock | Shepherd 24 Hour Wall Clock

Good for: statement walls and those looking for something different, due to its unusual 24 hour analogue dial.

A beautiful, small scale replica of our world famous Shepherd Clock that stands at the gates to the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. What makes this a real conversation piece is that it was designed with a 24 hour dial, whereas most clocks have a 12 hour dial. The minute and seconds hands are conventional but the hour hand goes round the dial once in twenty-four hours. Thus, at midday the minute hand points to the top, but the hour hand points to the bottom.

Eye of Time clock on stand on table

Travel clock | Eye of Time Clock 

Good for: multiuse. It was designed by an anonymous clock maker in Regency period London to be easy to read, but could also be used as a magnifying glass and to hold a photo. 

Portable and easy to read, Eye of Time clocks incorporate a glass domed lens to aid in the magnification of the watch face, enhance map reading and even to light safari cooking fires! It can be hung on its stand to make an attractive table clock.


Gold H4 pocket watch resting on Greenwich London map

Pocket watch | H4 Inspired Pocket Watch

Good for: collectors. Own a beautifully crafted pocket watch, inspired by arguably one of the most important timepieces ever made.

Harrison helped solve the Longitude problem by inventing a portable clock, the H4, that would remain precise to the time in Greenwich at sea despite difficult conditions such as the movement of the ship, water and humidity. By working out the difference between the current time in their location and the time in Greenwich, ships could determine their position more accurately and drastically reduce the risk of being lost at sea with crew and cargo. Pocket watches can be displayed on a stand when not carried, making them a beautiful addition to any home's mantelpiece or horology collection.

Wrist watch | Skeleton watch, from a selection

Good for: those who prefer a mechanical mechanism to a battery.

A skeleton watch makes for a stylish timepiece. Their jewelled mechanical movements are featured on the watch face, and completely revealed on the other side through a glass back. As these watches have a mechanical movement, they do not require a battery, saving you money and helping the environment. However, you will need to wind this watch for accurate timekeeping.

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