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New books to browse

New books to browse

We have some lovely new titles available from our book shop this January, ranging from weighty tomes about Marine Chronometers to the works of Caroline Herschel.

Marine Chronometers At Greenwich
Jonathan Betts

What is a Marine Chronometer and why does it matter? The first true Marine Chronometer was developed by John Harrison as part of his life work which was developed to solve the longitude problem. It is a timepiece that is accurate enough to be used as a portable time standard to determine ones longitude whilst at sea which is necessary of navigation. The successful development of a Marine Chronometer won John Harrison the longitude prize and enabled the age of discovery to accelerate.

Marine Chronometers at Greenwich is the fifth of the distinguished series of catalogues of instruments in the collections of Royal Museums Greenwich. Jonathan Betts work includes over 480 photographs and illustrations which illustrate the jewel like beauty of these amazing and intricate machines. This is truly the ultimate catalogue for learning about Marine Chronometers.

Available for £150.00

Nelson’s Lost Jewel
Martyn Downer

After the Battle of the Nile, Nelson was presented with many awards from a multitude of grateful nations and one of the most iconic of these was Chelengk which was gifted to Nelson from Sultan Selim III of Turkey. Nelson wore the Chelengk on his hat like a turban jewel and it became his trademark and can be seen in a number of portraits and busts of Nelson.

The jewel eventually made it’s made to be part of the National Maritime Museum collection but was stolen in 1951 and has not been seen since. Martyn Downer’s book is the first work to explore the life of this famous jewel, from its gifting to Nelson to its post war theft.

Available for £20.00

The Quiet Revolution of Caroline Herschel
Emily Winterburn

Emily Winterburn looks into the life of Caroline Herschel, the first woman to have a paper read at the Royal Society and the discoverer of eight comets! Following the marriage of her brother, Caroline destroyed all of her notebooks. Winterburn explores why she did this and then pieces together evidence to discover a new side to one of the greatest pioneering female scientists

The Quiet Revolution of Caroline Herschel

Available for £20.00