Arctic Blue Tartan Scarf

Arctic Blue Tartan Scarf

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Our Arctic Blue Tartan Scarf has been designed by Rosalind Jones of Mull in Scotland and woven from fine wool by Lochcarron of Scotland.

Rosalind was inspired by the colours of the Arctic and this unique tartan perfectly symbolises the Northern continent, along with the seas and ocean surrounding it; making the shawl in a beautiful combination of colours.

Each colour represents a significant element of the Arctic and the surrounding areas. The large square of navy at the centre indicates the deep Arctic Ocean and the six long months of night, the thin crosses of colour were added to denote the four compass points meeting at the North Pole. The light blue is the sea below the ice floes and then we have the white band which represents the ice and the native land animals such as Polar bears; the nearby black is there to highlight the black and white whales and sea birds that frequent the harsh north. The rich emerald green is for the brief ‘greening’ of the Arctic summers, whilst the adjacent orange band signifies the orange lichen growing upon the rocky shore; finally the grey band is for the inland mountains and the amazing grey coats of the lounging six different species of seal.

This beautiful Stole is perfect head, neck and shoulder protection from the blustery Northern winds of the winter season.


Measurements: W 86" x H 14.5" or W 220 x H 37 cm

Material: 100% Pure New Lamb’s Wool

Washable: Dry Clean Only

Do not Iron or Tumble dry

Made in the UK

Designed exclusively for the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

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