NASA Astronaut Gloves

NASA Astronaut Gloves

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Mission Control here! Come in Commander!

Commander you appear to be missing some of your space outfit, you can't pick up a moon rock without your official astronaut gloves!

Your little cosmonaut can navigate their space craft through an out of this world adventure. These NASA Astronaut Gloves, are the perfect accessory to complete any astronaut costume. No matter which adventure through deep space they choose your little one will be dressed for the occasion.

Our NASA Astronaut Gloves match our NASA Astronaut Outfit perfectly, right down to the NASA patches. They are a must have for any space ranger! they’re made of windbreaker material with a fleece lining, anti-slip surfaces to the palm and fingers so your space pirate will have a strong grip of their flag, adjustable elastic wrist bands, and official embroidered NASA patches. Your space cadet will look and feel super official in these.

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5 - 9

9 - 12

Width (Inches)



Width (CM's)

9 cm

10 cm

Length (Inches)



Length (CM's)

25 cm

28 cm

Material: 100% Polyester

Washable: Wipe clean only

Do Not Iron or Tumble Dry

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