Rum Measure Cup

Naval Rum Measure Cup

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This reproduction rum measure cup is faithful to the examples we hold here in our collection at the National Maritime Museum. The Royal Naval rum ration was originally measured in half-gill tots (an eighth of a pint) and variously diluted, often into a two-gill (half-pint) measure. 

  • Capacity: half-gill/71 ml

  • Hand-beaten brass, copper plated and lined in silver to neutralise the taste so nothing will spoil the flavour of your rum

  • The base is stamped with HMS

  • Height: 2"/5 cm

  • 1 cup supplied

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Gills of rum in literature

The Terror, a novel by Dan Simmons makes frequent references to gills of grog and rum.

In Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island there are uses of the measure gill, with Israel Hands drinking a gill of brandy in the chapter 'I Strike the Jolly Roger'.

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