Prime Meridian Socks

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Our Prime Meridian Socks feature the iconic 0º 00’ 00” design which was inspired by the plaque that marks the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. These soft charcoal grey socks are the perfect souvenir from the home of time.

The Prime Meridian at Greenwich has served as the reference line for Greenwich Mean Time since the late 19th century. 

Before this, almost every town in the world kept its own local time. There were no national or international conventions which set how time should be measured, or when the day would begin and end, or what length an hour might be.

With the vast expansion of the railway and communications networks during the 1850s and 1860s, the worldwide need for an international time standard became imperative so Greenwich was chosen as the centre for world time. 


Measurements: Shoe sizes

6 - 11 (UK)

39 - 46 (EUR)

7 - 12 (USA)

Material: 65% Cotton 33% Nylon and 2% Elastane

Washable: Machine Washable at 40º

Do not Iron

Do not Tumble Dry

These Socks are exclusive to Royal Museums Greenwich and is part of our Prime Meridian & GMT collection.

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