Galaxy Scarf

Galaxy Scarf

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This attractive scarf is designed using high-resolution astronomical images. The astrophotography galaxy image is custom-printed onto the chiffon fabric.

NGC 4298 is a dusty spiral galaxy that just happens to be almost face-on when viewed from the Earth. We can tell it contains a lot of young stars because of it’s blue-ish tint; in general, young stars appear blue whilst old stars appear red.

This high-resolution photo was taken by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3.

The scarf comes in an attractive gift box. The perfect gift for any astronomer, astrophotographers and fans of all things celestial.
  • Made by Dr Becky Kennedy (astrophysicist)
  • Handmade in Paris
  • 100% Polyester Chiffon
  • Length: 55" (140cm), Width: 11" (28cm)
  • Care instructions: Gently spot-clean with a damp cloth
  • Image credit: Hubble via STScI
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