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HMS Erebus Model Ship

HMS Erebus Model Ship

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In 1845 HMS Erebus was selected along with HMS Terror for an Arctic expedition under the command of Sir John Franklin. The mission was to finally complete the North-West passage. The ships were last seen by Europeans entering Baffin Bay in August 1845. Both ships became icebound and were eventually abandoned by their crews. In 2014 the wreckage of HMS Erebus was found.

HMS Erebus was launched in 1826 as a bomb vessel for the Royal Navy, she was heavily adapted for Franklin's last expedition with additional hull strengthening and even steam engines to help it escape the ice.

This striking model of the ship would make a great addition to any mantelpiece of study. The model is made from wood and canvas and is 24cm long, 18 cm wide and 23cm high.

Royal Museums Greenwich exclusive.

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