Collins Planisphere

Collins Planisphere

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Latitude 50°N – for use in the UK and Ireland, Northern Europe and Canada

This easy-to-use practical tool helps any astronomers identify the constellations and stars for every day of the year. Just dial in the date and time by rotating the inner plastic disk showing the time until it lines up with the relevant day of the year on the outer ring. The part of the sky appearing on the planisphere shows the arrangement of the stars above you.

This star chart is suitable for use anywhere in Britain and Ireland, Northern Europe, Canada and Northern USA and is best viewed as near to latitude 50 degrees north as possible.

The moveable disk also comes in a plastic wallet which contains further information about Stargazing.

Popular practical tool as used on BBC stargazing live.

Tough plastic disks and wallet make it ideal for use outside and long-lasting.

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