Explorer-130p SynScan AZ GoTo Telescope

Sky-Watcher Explorer-130p SynScan AZ GoTo Telescope

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Make use of precision engineering to help you easily find and enjoy the sparkling treasures of the night sky. The Explorer 130p Telescope features an Alt-Azimuth GoTo Mount and SynScan™ hand control that allows you to direct your telescope to point at a specific star or to just take a tour of the wonders above us with the touch of a button. This telescope can be mastered in a few sessions from an inexperienced astronomer but is also a fantastic telescope for those looking to take up stargazing as a serious business. You won’t find this telescope in our shops; it is only available to buy online.

Telescope Features:

• Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm with magnifications x65 & x26 allowing you to track Planets, Nebulae, Star clusters, Galaxies and much more. Magnification up to x260 is possible.
• Includes a 6x30 Finderscope which has a 30mm objective which is better for light gathering and makes it easier to locate your targets during your astronomy session.
• 130mm diameter for the parabolic primary mirror. Also includes 0.5mm ultra-thin secondary mirror supports.
• 650mm (f/5) telescope focal length.
• X2 Deluxe Barlow Lens (1.25”) this comes with a camera adaptor. Perfect for taking images to enter into our Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition.
• SynScan™ hand control which features a database with 42,900+ objects and a unknown object identification feature,
• Computerised Alt-Azimuth HD Go-To mount with a stainless steel tripod with accessory tray – durable and relatively lightweight for night time walks and useful for holding vital equipment.
• The 120mm lens gather 30% more light than the 114mm lens.
• To aid with your stargazing be sure to check out or Stargazing: Guide for Beginners and our Collins Planisphere. + Read more - Show less