Cutty Sark Tudgay Strawberry Jam

Cutty Sark Tudgay Strawberry Jam

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Make breakfast interesting with our Cutty Sark Strawberry Jam. Featuring Frederick Tudgay’s striking painting Cutty Sark, our delicious jam would make a perfect accompaniment to scones and would be a lovely gift for or wonderful souvenir from Cutty Sark, Greenwich.

Originally owned by shipping magnate and Cutty Sark owner John Willis, this magnificent 1872 portrait of the world famous tea clipper by Frederick Tudgay depicts the ship in all her glory, under full sail with stun sail set.

Cutty Sark, the celebrated sailing ship - once the fastest in the world - preserved to tell the stories of life on board.

A quintessentially English preserve, prepared with generous quantities of fruit.

Exclusively produced for the Cutty Sark, Greenwich.

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