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Essential Knots Book

Essential Knots

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A practical and stylish illustrated guide, Essential Knots shows how to tie each knot, step-by-step, with expert guidance on which knot to tie when and why. Each knot is categorised by its use in a particular sport or hobby, with a brief explanation as to why it is the best knot for the job. Whilst some knots have a very specific use, the book also contains knots with many practical applications across a broad range of activities, as well as ornamental knots and trick knots. And there is a length of practice cord so that readers can try the knots for themselves.

Includes: - Everyday knots - Sailing knots - Fishing knots - Camping knots - Climbing knots - Caving knots - Pioneering knots - Ornamental knots - Trick knots The uses for each knot are described and each is rated for its level of difficulty. Clear, uncomplicated photographs show the required steps to tie each knot, and there is also a picture of the finished knot put to use.

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