Journals: Captain Scott's Last Expedition

Journals: Captain Scott's Last Expedition

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Captain Scott’s harrowing account of his expedition to the South Pole in 1910-1912 was first published in 1913.

In his journals Scott records his party’s optimistic departure from New Zealand, the hazardous voyage of the Terra Nova to Antarctica, and the trek with ponies and dogs across the ice to the Pole. On the way the explorers conduct scientific experiments, collect specimens, and get to know each other’s characters. Their discovery that Amundsen had beaten them to their goal, and the endurance with which they face an 850-mile march to safety, have become the stuff of legend.

This Oxford World’s Classics edition publishes for the first time a complete list of the changes made to Scott’s original text before publication. In his Introduction, Max Jones illuminates the Journals’ writing and publication, Scott’s changing reputation, and the continued attraction of heroes in our cynical age.

529 pages

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