Lupus Constellation Necklace

Lupus Constellation Necklace

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Our Lupus Constellation Necklace will add a touch of glamour to your outfit with a tiny star charm and the majestic Lupus.  

The Lupus constellation lies in the southern hemisphere, between Centaurus and Scorpius. It was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. Even though it is an old constellation, Lupus is not associated with any myths. In fact the constellation was not associated with any animal in particular until the Renaissance times, when the Latin translation of Ptolemy’s work identified it with the wolf.

The constellation is home to several interesting stars and deep sky objects. These include the historic supernova remnant SN 1006, the globular clusters NGC 5824 and NGC 5986, and the Retina Nebula (IC 4406).

We've taken inspiration from the creatures of the skies with our mini-collection of constellation necklaces. They are the perfect piece for those who like to stargaze.

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Lupus constellation W 1.5” X L 1.5” or W 4 X L 4 cm

Chain length 18” or 45.5 cm


Gold plated solid brass base making it hypoallergenic

Care Tips:

Store your jewellery separately (and in its original packaging) as metals and stones can scratch when they come into contact with each other.

Avoid your jewellery coming into direct contact with perfume, household detergents or other chemical products.

We also recommend removing your jewellery before showering, bathing, exercising, swimming (in the sea or chlorinated water) and when on the beach, too.

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