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Mermaid Confetti No 2

Mermaid Confetti No 2

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Mermaid Confetti Number 2 is the perfect blend of dried toasted laver seaweed (Welshman's Caviar) with Halen Mon Sea Salt crystals and dried dulse seaweed creating an extraordinary seasoning which will add a new level of flavour to any dish.

Add it into soup, rissotto, pies and one pot dishes. Why not try mixing with toasted bread crumbs to create a crunchy topping or crust for fish pie or pasta bake.
Ingredients: Halen Môn PDO sea salt, Laver seaweed, Dulse seaweed.
No artificial ingredients or preservatives.
Allergens: contains seaweed, may contain crustaceans.
Jar Details: 125ml - glass kiln clip.
Store in a cool dry place and best to use within a year.
Once opened we recommend that you eat within 28 days.

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