Mermaid's Larder

Mermaid's Larder

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A collection of condiments and flavourings that will bring a taste of the seaside to your food. Each of the five bottles contains a seaweed of choice to help season your favourite dishes.

Wrack – Best used in long and slow cooked dishes where it becomes tender and brings depth of flavour

Grass Kelp – Mix with butter and use to pan fry white fish, or use as a condiment to garnish pasta dishes or risotto

Laver – A slight olive marine flavour which just seems to make every dish taste better!

Dulse – A strong, fragrant salty flavour which is outstanding with potatoes, breads and scones

Kelp – The original natural flavour enhanced. Best used when cooking stir fry’s and noodle dishes for a unami flavour.

Each bottle is 10g.

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