Shackleton Skiddaw Wool Boot Socks

Shackleton Skiddaw Wool Boot Socks

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Wear with walking boots, wellington boots or casual footwear in the winter to fight the cold. Inspired by the socks that would have been worn on an expedition to the South Pole.

Designed using the photography documenting the expeditions, it is based on the type of items worn by Shackleton and the crews of the Nimrod and Endurance ships to the Antarctic. Wool is still favoured by modern explorers today for its ability to stay warm when wet, and dry fast. Featuring sole cushioning and low grip tops for comfort, warmth and breathability. Carry Shackleton’s inspiring words close, with the quote on the label:

"It is in our nature to go out into the unknown."

Approximately fits men's shoe sizes 7-13.

Material: 100% Lambswool

Washable: Hand Wash and dry flat, or dry clean

Made in the UK

Part of the Shackleton collection, which includes faithful reproductions of the jumper, scarf, and hat worn by explorers to the South Pole, photographs of which can be seen in the new Polar Worlds gallery at the National Maritime Museum.

The Shackleton Company has been created to inspire and equip the modern explorer, with the support of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s granddaughter The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton. Their intrepid clothing and accessories carry the emblem of a nine-pointed star - a personal motif that Sir Ernest used throughout his life as a guide and inspiration.

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