Tales from the Captain's Log

Tales from the Captain's Log

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From Captain Cook to Charles Darwin, Blackbeard and Nelson - accounts of great events at sea from those who were there. From the National Archives comes a fascinating picture of life at sea, richly illustrated with maps, drawings and facsimile documents found alongside the logs in the archives.

For centuries, ships' commanders kept journals that recorded their missions. These included voyages of discovery to unknown lands, engagements in war and sea and general trade. Many of their logs, diaries and letters were lodged at The National Archives and give a vivid picture of the situations that they encountered.

Entries range from Captain James Cook's notes of his discovery of the South Pacific and Australia, to logs of the great naval battles, such as Trafalgar and the Battle of the Nile. 


256 pages, including 120 colour and black and white maps, illustrations, photos and facsimile documents

Just one of our book titles on Time, Navigation and Exploration at the National Maritime Museum. 

“BOOK OF THE MONTH: Condenses centuries of naval history into one easy-to-read volume in the voices of those who were there. A fascinating portrait of how the seafaring experience has evolved over the years.” –  Boat International

“Filled with maps, letters, paintings, crew lists and, of course, the Captain's log, of many different important voyages. The book really does give a clear human record of life at sea in another age.” –  Sailing Today

“A fascinating picture of life at sea, richly illustrated with maps and drawings.” –  Gransnet

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