Zero Degrees Spinny Keyring

Zero Degrees Spinney Keyring

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Why not adorn your keys with our super, sleek and stylish Zero Degrees Spinney Keyring, which features our famous 00º 00’ 00” Prime Meridian of the World design; The smallest, innermost sphere rotates vertically, then the ring surrounding it spins horizontally, making it the perfect souvenir from the home of time.

In 1884 the Prime Meridian was defined by the position of the large 'Transit Circle' telescope in the Observatory’s Meridian Observatory. The transit circle was built by Sir George Biddell Airy, the 7th Astronomer Royal, in 1850. The cross-hairs in the eyepiece of the Transit Circle precisely defined Longitude 0° for the world. As the Earth’s crust is moving very slightly all the time the exact position of the Prime Meridian is now moving very slightly too, but the original reference for the prime meridian of the world remains the Airy Transit Circle in the Royal Observatory, even if the exact location of the line may move to either side of Airy’s meridian.

This Spinney Keyring is exclusive to Royal Museums Greenwich and is part of our Prime Meridian & GMT collection.



Keyring 3.4 cm wide by 7.5 cm long 

Washable: wipe clean only 


Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts - Choking Hazard.

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