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Goðafoss Flow (Custom Print)

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Goðafoss Flow (Custom Print)

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The largest astrophotography competition in the world, Astronomy Photographer of the Year showcases the very best space photography from a global community of photographers.
This image shows the winter aurora at one of the most recognisable waterfalls in Iceland – the waterfall of the gods, the mighty Goðafoss. It was around -10°C, calm and clear with a full moon hence the incredible well-lit area which made exposing the image so much easier. The beautiful hues of the Moon mixed with aurora made this a night to remember, and the aurora just burst as thin waves through the sky. I love the mixture of a semi-frozen waterfall and the beams of light across the sky. Larryn Rae

"A magnificent landscape under the magnificent aurora, that reflects the geometry of the very detailed, beautifully illuminated snowy foreground. Every detail and every curve has its place in this unique composition."
- László Francsics, architect, Chairman of the Hungarian Astrophotographers' Association and the Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 Overall Winner.

"Absolutely wonderful composition. The waves of aurora under the moon light looks spectacular. Despite challenging conditions the photographer managed to beautifully capture a unique scene."
- Yuri Beletsky, astrophotographer and astronomer at Las Campanas Observatory.

"This is beautiful. You can almost see the water falling."
- Sheila Kanani, Education, Outreach and Diversity officer for the Royal Astronomical Society.

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