Campbell Vernier Sextant

Campbell Vernier Sextant

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The full-size Vernier sextant was, in skilled hands, an instrument of great accuracy, practicality and beauty – a joy to own and use, but also essential to the safety of the ship.

This replica is dedicated to Royal Navy Captain John Campbell, who developed the instrument from its predecessor, the Octant, in 1757. Crucially his invention was close in time to that of accurate, portable chronometers, and it was the combination of the two which finally made navigation a science rather than guesswork, saving countless lives.

Detailing is impressive, with hardwood handle and a beautifully crafted protective box, six shades of varying intensity, and a powerful telescope.

Fully functioning parts but not intended for serious use.

Instrument size: 20 x 17cm
Box size: 26 cm square

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