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Plimsoll Line Whisky Glass

Plimsoll Line Whisky Glass

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This attractive Plimsoll Line Whisky Glass is etched with an image of Samuel Plimsoll, 19th Century coal merchant and British MP, as well as it's very own 'Plimsoll Line', in this case used to mark the 'safe load' for a generous helping of spirit.

  • Capacity: 160 ml to line

  • Glass

Etched to celebrate the life of Samuel Plimsoll (1824–1898), who helped to make load lines on ships compulsory in the Merchant Shipping Act of 1876. Prior to this law, unscrupulous ship owners would seek to cram as much onto ships as possible, sometimes with dire consequences for the crew. 

Since this time, a plimsoll line has been painted on the side of merchant ships. When a ship is loaded, the water level isn’t supposed to go above the line. However, the water can reach different parts of the line, depending on its temperature, saltiness, time of year and geographic location. The basic symbol, of a circle with a horizontal line passing through its centre, is now recognised worldwide in the maritime industries. 

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