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The Limited Edition Bremont Longitude

British luxury watch company Bremont partners with Royal Observatory Greenwich on an extraordinary collection of mechanical timepieces.

Introducing the Limited Edition Bremont Longitude, created in partnership with Royal Observatory Greenwich.

As reflected by its name, the Bremont Longitude pays tribute to Great Britain’s role in clock and watchmaking, and contribution to time, astronomy and navigation. Just over a century ago, close to half of the world’s clocks and pocket watches were made in this country, as was so much of the horological design and innovation that went into them, and many other timepieces built around the world. It has always been Bremont’s ambition to bring the art of industrial high-end watchmaking back to British shores. 

The classic yet contemporary design of the Limited Edition Bremont Longitude marks a significant milestone in this journey. Not only does the Longitude house the brand’s first manufactured movement from its new ENG300 movement series but singular features are inspired by Royal Observatory’s site, and place in history.

3 Bremont limited edition longitude watches laid on an old map of Greenwich Park and Royal Observatory


Remarkably the Longitude incorporates brass used to demarcate the historic Flamsteed Meridian Line. At Greenwich, the brass Flamsteed Meridian line marks the historic position where the first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed, made his observations and laid the foundations for accurate timekeeping and navigation.

Bremont limited edition longitude inside mechanism of brass and steel with words "Made in England"

Housed in a polished casing of 18ct white gold, 18ct rose gold, or steel, here is a classic yet contemporary timepiece to be enjoyed for years to come. Great Britain was at the heart of watch and clock making for 150 years. With the super accurate optical atomic clocks developed at the National Physical Laboratory, Great Britain remains at the forefront of time. The Bremont Longitude celebrates the great horological achievements of this nation both past and present. This watch tells the story of time itself.