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Arctic Survival Military Guide Book

Arctic Survival (Air Ministry Survival Guide)

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First issued to airmen in the 1950s, the Air Ministry's Sea Survival guide includes original and authentic emergency advice to crew operating over the ocean. With original illustrations and text, these survival guides provide an insight to military survival techniques from a by-gone era.

Packed with original line drawings and instruction in:
- The best faces to pull to prevent frostbite and when you can expect bits of you to 'fall off', should you fail
- How to build a structurally sound igloo
- How to fashion a mask to prevent snowblindness

Paperback: 80 page

Publisher: Penguin (18 May 2017)

Our book buyer has selected a range of titles that capture the sense of adventure and peril of the new Polar Worlds gallery at the National Maritime Museum. 

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