Comparative Magnitudes of the Planets Print

Comparative Magnitudes of the Planets Print

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This charming print is one of a set that would have originally included 12 hand-tinted astronomical prints published by James Reynolds between 1846 - 60. 

The image depicts the comparative sizes of the known planets within our solar system, and the known satellites including the moon. Two small images at the top show the phases of Saturn (i.e. our changing view of its rings) and the Phases of Venus.

They were created in response to a demand for popular science products within the mid 19th century, and were intended for informal learning within the home. They could be bought in sets or singly and, at a price of 1 shilling, were affordable to middle class audiences.

A3 sized print, printed on quality deluxe matt laser paper and presented on a flat mount board. Printed within the UK on FSC certified paper.

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