The Exploration Treasury: Amazing Journeys Around the World in Rare Artworks and Prints, Maps and Personal Narratives

The Exploration Treasury: Amazing Journeys Around the World in Rare Artworks and Prints, Maps and Personal Narratives

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By Beau Riffenburgh. From Britain’s renowned Royal Geographical Society comes a beautiful collector’s box—complete with 20 double-sided prints and an accompanying paperback—that captures 100 years of world exploration. 

Treasury includes: 

  • Some of the greatest expeditions, described and illustrated with maps, photographs and illustrations by official artists and photographers, and members of the expedition teams.
  • The first century of the Society’s existence and a period of intense scientific exploration into unfamiliar and unknown regions of the globe,
  • Famous explorers such as Livingstone, Scott and Shackleton, and Nansen and Amundsen
  • Travellers such as David Roberts in Egypt and Isabella Bird in China.
  • Other chapters cover the work of archaeologists—including Aurel Stein’s excavations along the Silk Road and Alfred Maudslay’s documentation of Mayan ruins in Central America—and the desert exploits of colonial administrators, diplomats, and scientists. F
  • For each expedition there are one or two accompanying prints, including the watercolors of Thomas Baines, who joined Livingstone’s Zambezi Expedition before journeying to Victoria Falls with James Chapman, early photographs of Yosemite by Carleton Watkins, and the artwork and photographs of Harry Hamilton Johnston in Africa.
  • 40 frameable art prints
  • Paperback, includes 200 colour and black and white illustrations
  • 176 pages

Just one of our book titles on Time, Navigation and Exploration at the National Maritime Museum. 

About the Royal Geographical Society: From its founding in 1830, the Royal Geographical Society became the institution to which travellers and explorers of many nationalities came for advice and recognition. Over the years it amassed a wealth of paintings, photographs, maps, and official accounts.
About the author: Beau Riffenburgh is a historian specializing in exploration. He was formerly the editor of Polar Record, the world’s oldest journal of polar research, and the head of the Polar History Group at the Scott Polar Research Institute. He has written numerous books, including The Myth of the Explorer (Oxford), a highly praised study of explorations and the press; Nimrod (Bloomsbury), the tale of Ernest Shackleton’s grand attempt on the South Pole, and The Men Who Mapped the World (Carlton).
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