Large Leather Journal

Large Leather Journal

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Make the experience of writing a luxurious one with this stylish and contemporary leather journal.

This beautiful journal is perfect for writing down all of your thoughts and ideas, or for skectching.

Our beautiful Fair Trade eco friendly leather journals make for a great diary, travel journal, inspiration book or simple notebook. The journals have been expertly hand stitched and the leather covers age well.

Each journal is handmade and contains 125 pages of unlined khadda paper. Khadda paper is made from recycled cotton, is acid-free and is a beautiful paper to write or draw on. It does not contain any chemicals as only unbleached cotton is used.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 18.5 cm

Part of our range created in response to the new Polar Worlds gallery at the National Maritime Museum.

Historically, sailors and navigators would record events and take down descriptions of encounters or the discovery of strange and wonderful flora and fauna whilst on their voyages.

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