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Above the Tower

© Sam King

Above the Tower

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Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year is the largest international competition of its kind. Organised by the Royal Observatory Greenwich and sponsored by Insight Investment, the competition receives entries from photographers all around the world. It annually showcases the best space photography from a global community of astrophotographers.

This image shows the International Space Station (ISS) flying over Horton Tower in Dorset on a misty evening in October. This image makes me think about the crew confined to the space station, looking down at the Earth below, while flying over this tower which is believed to have been built with the intention of being used as an observatory to look back up at the night sky. I wanted to use a longer focal length to capture more detail in the Milky Way core behind the tower. During the two exposures I shot for the sky, I was able to perfectly capture the ISS fly directly over the tower. Although the mist didn’t help with capturing the finer details of the core, it did add mystery to the final image, as did the tower’s lights. This image is comprised of a long two-minute exposure for the foreground and then blended with the two tracked 60-second exposures for the night sky.

Sam King
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