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The Green Lady (Custom Print)

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The Green Lady (Custom Print)

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Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year is the largest international competition of its kind. Organised by the Royal Observatory Greenwich and sponsored by Insight Investment, the competition receives entries from photographers all around the world. It annually showcases the best space photography from a global community of astrophotographers.

I have heard a lot of stories about the ‘lady in green’. Although I have had the chance to gaze at and photograph the Northern Lights many times, I have never seen that mysterious ‘green lady’ before. It wasn’t until our journey to Norway last March that she unexpectedly appeared with her magical green clothes. She had dressed up outstandingly for that night, as the whole sky was burning with green, blue and pink colours which left us gazing at her in awe. When you look closely you can spot ‘the lady in green’, as she was rising up into the sky, or had it been an angel after all?
Nicholas Roemmelt
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