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Lunar Park (Custom Print)

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Lunar Park (Custom Print)

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The largest astrophotography competition in the world, Astronomy Photographer of the Year showcases the very best space photography from a global community of photographers.

This face forms the iconic entrance to Luna Park, Sydney's harbourside theme park that closed in 1979. It has always been desirable land for developers, so it's a miracle that it still stands. With its connotations of playful youth, the face somehow reminds me of both the vigorous permanence and the fragility of human life. It seems timeless yet compared to the stars wheeling above it, even its existence has lasted for just a twinkling of those mad eyes. The famous face glows brightly for most of the day, but there are a few hours in the very early morning when its own lights go out, making a picture like this possible. I took literally thousands of frames, with the stars passing by, and blended them together to show the patterns of time.  
Ed Hurst

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