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Celestial Fracture (Custom Print)

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Celestial Fracture (Custom Print)

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The largest astrophotography competition in the world, Astronomy Photographer of the Year showcases the very best space photography from a global community of photographers.
The Cassini missions brought back some astounding imagery of our solar system. I have used a selection of the CICLOPS team’s photographs of Saturn to create this piece. The patterns formed by Saturn, its rings and its moons are truly magnificent. The photographs have echoes of architecture, nature, art and design, and are just as artistically inspirational as they are crucial for scientific study. I edited a number of their most spectacular images before ordering the photographs into a grid pattern. I assembled them in this particular way to have remnants of familiar and stable imagery, but in a fractured and disrupted way with undertones of science fiction symbolism. 
Leonardo Di Maggio

"The grace of Saturn and its magnificent rings still remains even when presented as a shattered into smithereens angular jigsaw. A striking piece of art which would look fantastic taking up the entire wall of a skyscraper lobby."
- Jon Culshaw, comedian, impersonator and regular guest on The Sky at Night.

"This image looks so incredibly different from how we normally see Saturn, the jewel of the Solar System. From spheres and rings to jagged edges and jarring curves, these close-up views of Saturn and its moons highlight the planet in new and innovate ways."
- Emily Drabek-Maunder, Senior Manager of Public Astronomy at Royal Museums Greenwich.

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