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California Dreamin' NGC 1499 (Custom Print)

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California Dreamin' NGC 1499 (Custom Print)

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The largest astrophotography competition in the world, Astronomy Photographer of the Year showcases the very best space photography from a global community of photographers.
The California Nebula, otherwise known as NGC 1499, was captured over seven nights in 2021 using broadband and narrowband filters, with a total integration time of 16.1 hours. I had captured NGC 1499 previously, but I was so excited to see what my new camera was capable of producing on one of my favourite deep-sky objects using narrowband filters. The results far exceeded my expectations. The raw data was pre-processed and the stars were removed using a tool called Starnet, then later replaced during post-processing with the more naturally coloured stars from the RGB (red, green, blue) data. In this Hubble Palette version the hydrogen-alpha is mapped to green, singly ionized sulphur (SII) is mapped to red and doubly ionized oxygen (OIII) is mapped to the blue channel. While the colours in this image are not the true colours, the narrowband filters reveal much more of the hidden gasses not visible in a broadband image.  
Terry Hancock

"The colour choices made in the capture and processing of this image are beautiful enough on their own, yet they are not just for show and reveal much more about the nebula itself. A brilliant idea with brilliant execution."
- Steve Marsh, Art Editor at the BBC Sky at Night Magazine, which launched in 2005.

"Over the past year in lockdown, the rainbow has become a potent symbol of hope and togetherness. I love how this image captures a rolling, ethereal spectrum of colour in all its vibrancy."
- Sue Prichard, Senior Curator of Arts at Royal Museums Greenwich.

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